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Vintage Soul Dripping Springs Brick and Mortar Boutique Storefront

Why I Started Vintage Soul and How You Can Start a Boutique

Here I was sitting with a dream in my heart and yet I couldn't find a way to make it happen.  It just seemed like the doors were closing at every turn.  

Then 2014 came.  I had been doing furniture repainting/repurposing and had built a small nest egg that I kept putting into until a small (650 sf) store opened up in downtown Dripping Springs.  

I had literally saved enough money that if I sold NOTHING, I would walk away after 1 year without losing anything except maybe my integrity.  That was easy, but knowing I might fail....well that was a little harder. 

I took that leap and I learned a lot that in that year!  Business was thriving and another opportunity knocked and once again my heart skipped a beat.  

Fast forward to 2017 and another building had come up (again!...I had turned it down a few other times because the rent kept going up) and here I was, staring into the unknown.  And all of the questions swirled:  "What if I fail, what if we have too much and people don't like it," and on and on and on....

But I had to.  Something in the pit of my stomach yearned to know that I had to at least try!  I had to at least say yes to the decision in front of me.  I knew I didn't have all of the answers, heck, I still don't!  But that next step is always hard! 

And if I've learned anything, is that it doesn't get easier!  You just get better at navigating the nerves! 

How to Start Your Own Boutique

So, if you're thinking about trying something new or maybe even opening up your own brick and mortar, here are a few key pieces of advice that I learned while taking this journey!

1.   Know yourself!  

Like seriously!  Know yourself!  Know where you are in your season of life and be honest with yourself!  For me, the timing was right but I have told SO many of you that I could never have done this when my boys were younger!

2.  Don't be afraid to try.  

You have to give yourself permission to make mistakes.  I HATE being wrong and I don't like failure!  But in opening a storefront you WILL make mistakes.   Trust me. 

3.  For me, prayer was (and is) my guiding compass.  

I had to have peace with the decisions being made and prayer that doors would close if it wasn't meant to be.  And I needed to be ok and at peace if that happened (and it has. trust me!)

I've loved taking this path.  Never would I have dreamed of being an entrepreneur but I have loved the process and have loved meeting so many wonderful and interesting people over the years.  

It truly has been a dream come true!  So onto that next challenge and that next step that takes courage!  Let's do it together, shall we?!

Julie Crawford Vintage Soul

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